Gift idea for Christmas – For the food lover!


For the cooking lover !

Spoil your personal chef buy offering this set to prepare delicious smoked meals! Includes a portable smoker and a fillet knife.


Gift idea for Christmas, for the cooking lover !

Spoil your personal chef buy offering this set to prepare delicious smoked meals! With a 6 inches blade and a non-slip grip, this filet knife is pleasant to use. As for the portable smoker, it will exceed its expectations. Light weight, compact, easy to pack in your kitchen cabinets after use, it is surprisingly efficient. It’s little smoking chamber allows to concentrate the flavours quickly and gives you the chance to use your smoker even for the fast week meals!


Fillet knife set, sheath and sharpener – G3704-1

  • 6 inches blade fillet knife
  • Non-slip grip
  • Stainless steel blade

Portable smoker 1 level – G4601

  • 100% made of 420 stainless steel
  • Compact, removable, light and durable
  • Designed in Quebec, Canada
  • 1 smoking grids
  • Chip bowl
  • Alcohol burner included
  • Open: 14 “x 10.5” x 5.5 “, 5” legs
  • Closed: 14 “x 10.5” x 2 “


For a better use of the smoker, here are some recommendations.

Burner included with the smoker

The gel fondue fuel is recommended, because it allows a longer burning.



Chafer fuel

This even-heat fuel can burn for 6 hours. It is also safer than the fondue burner, because the container does not release heat when it is on. Moreover, the risk of leaking is low, because it does not need to be filled.


Butane heater

Over all the burners on the market, this one represents the most judicious choice. Indeed, the heat can be adjusted to the degree desired. The butane heater is ideal for all types of meat and fish.


For an efficient cooking, be sure to find a wind-free spot. If it is windy, do not hesitate to increase the heat of your fuel.


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